Thursday 25 November 2010

NZ Pike Mine Healing Hearts Appeal...

Reading Squilters* digest this evening I came across information about Shirley Goodwin, an NZ quilter, co-ordinating an appeal by Kiwiquilters** for Healing Hearts to make into quilts for those affected by the Pike River Mine tragedy, the mining accident that has resulted in the loss of 29 men.

Details of the appeal can be found here here on Shirley's blog.  All they are asking for are for healing heart blocks. If you don't know what these are, they are 6 1/2" (unfinished size, they finish to 6") cream background blocks with a heart motif ... appliqued, pieced, embroidered, whatever ... And because of their small size, postage can be kept minimal as they can be folded into a D4 envelope as mailed as an ordinary letter...

Can you help?  Visit Shirley to find out the details, the link above takes you directly to the relevant post on her blog.

* Squilters is an online group for Australian and New Zealand quilters
** Kiwiquilters is an online group for New Zealand quilters

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