Hi I'm Jindi.  I'm an Australian Working Kelpie - only I'm a bit of a dole bludger because the only work I do is to keep the backyard free of those pesky birds (and the cat who lives next door!). This is my Human's favourite photo of me as a puppy, wasn't I cute!  I think I still am.

I live with my Human in a country town - which seems to be moving closer to the Big Smoke every day...or maybe it's just that the City is coming out to us.

She has done all sorts of crafty things like patchwork & quilting, stitcheries & embroideries, cross-stitching & tapestry, bags, teddies & dolls and a bit of non-fabric based stuff like folk art, scrapbooking, crochet & knitting.

I don't think it is very fair that she won't let me play with her projects.