Sunday 30 January 2011

Jindi Checks In...

The human is in trouble with Auntie R for not posting so it’s fallen to me to carry the ball - yet again!  Humans!  It’s a good thing I’m a well bred Working Kelpie because I certainly have my work cut out keeping the Human in line!!

She left me for a few days…AGAIN!...and went off on some quilty thingy.  Good thing my second favourite human (who is fast moving up the ladder of favouritism I can tell you!) came around, played with me and gave me food so I didn’t have to resort to taking matters into my own paws - apparently scaling the back fence and taking myself on excursions is unauthorised and severely frowned upon.  Actually the words “unacceptable behaviour” were muttered in tones that were not to be trifled with.

Oh by the way Human, take note…the second favourite human not only gives me my variety of foodstuffs as various courses, my apples arrived cut up into manageable bite sized pieces…that’s right, uses a knife and cuts the apples up so that I can eat them daintily as befits me, not just chucks me a whole apple with the stalk removed (how do you find the strength!) leaving it up to me to munch my way around it…you could learn from this!!

So anyway, this is one of the things she did at the quilty thing - cut out and pinned on - and she'll be back with a proper report later....

She says the extra work stuff that took over December & January has calmed down and now she can get back to sewing...and not leaving me by myself so much!

Woofs & Tail Wags