Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Um, She got distracted...

She should be making secret swap present as it needs to be in the mail asap, she should be working on 'Tis The Season stitcheries for March for the Stitch-A-Long, she should be doing those things with deadlines but is she doing those things she should?...nah, 'cause not...

While waiting for the vet to arrive yesterday morning to stick pins in me - what is with that idea!...she got distracted...a UFO that has been taunting her...she says she's found a drawback to the whole organised thing...the project boxes are off the floor, no longer out of sight under the cutting table and taunting her...let's see what this one will become...I think it should be something for me 'coz I got stuck by the Vet but it's probably something a dog doesn't usual!

Hope no-one comes to your house and sticks pins in you!

Woofs and tailwags...Jindi


Grethe said...

Pins and needles go together like a horse and carriage.... not hurting much??
Hope it went well,and Happy Quilting to you, when things go back to normal:-)

Mistea said...

Oh, Jindi you should know by now Needles are your mothers thing!

Looks like some quilting going on there - this is serious.

Hillbilly Handiworks said...

Hello Jindi,
This is my first visit to your blog. I am sorry your Mum is abusive like this. I will stick around and keep my eye on things.

I love dogs...but I can't have any because our land lord won't let us. I have been a year and a half without a dog..and never in my life before have I not had one. So, since I can't have a dog I make blankets for dogs that don't have a loving home such as yourself. So, don't be too hard on your Mum...cuz it could be worse, you know.